Bosko and Honey's Ukulele Safari This is an RSS feed for everything you need to know about ukuleles on safari GIGS Bosko & Honey will be playing at: BRISBANE UKULELE MUSICIANS SOCIETY (BUMS) Workshop & Concert ... You won't find me here much anymore... But you will on our <a href=""target="_blank">"Facebook Page"... You can help The Universe Provide! <iframe width="484" height="272" src="//" frameborder="0" allowful... UKULELE TIPS! This is where B&H will post any bits and pieces about theory and techniques they've picked up along... CAGFD - A brief explanation and WORKSHOP information Online video versions of this one-hour workshop and our <a href=" Hot Strumming!! Here's a little video promo for our "Hot Strumming" Workshop... Online video versions of this one-... HOT STRUMMING WORKSHOP Description and HANDOUTS About us Don't be fooled by Bosko and Honey's cute and quirky appearance because they are one of the most or... Bosko & Honey LIVE A Full show from the 2012 Newkulele Festival, Newcastle NSW: <iframe width="484" height="272" sr... BUY OUR CDs Bosko & Honey's New Album, THE UNIVERSE WILL PROVIDE will be released in November! You can help ... Home Welcome to the home of Bosko & Honey's UKULELE SAFARI and UKULELE LOVE-IN Bosko & Honey's New A... Honey's Guiro Strum Bosko's Fan Stroke Phone, Postal Address. Also feel free to contact us direct in Kuranda, Queensland, Australia on: +61 (0)7 4093 7179 (le... Social networking sites You can also contact B&H through: <a href="