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  B&H in the Media
BOSKO 2009-09-04 18:19:03
Clippings from the scrap-book and other media appearances.

  New York Magazine
BOSKO 2011-11-14 01:03:00
VULTURE: Glee Vs. YouTube


Looks like we won...

"Last night's Glee had two weddings (one extremely weird), two Bruno Mars songs, and no viral pop hits. What?! Thankfully, we had the mellow strains of "Sway" to console us. Written by Mexican bandleader Pablo Beltrán Ruiz, translated to English by "Girl From Ipanema" scribe Norman Gimbel, and popularized by Rat Packer Dean Martin, it's been covered by everyone from Rosemary Clooney to the Pussy Cat Dolls to Bosko & Honey's Ukulele Love-In. Can puny little Will Schuester compete?
Watch these versions and tell us: Who did it best?"

Read about it HERE

  ABC Newcastle
BOSKO 2011-09-20 14:53:24

We were interviewed live-to-air by the lovely Jill Emberson during our PRETTY PLEASE TOUR 2011

  Mighty Uke the Movie
BOSKO 2011-08-28 12:33:19
Margaret Meagher ©Tiny Goat Films Inc. All rights reserved

B&H appear in the award-winning feature documentary "Mighty Uke" and are featured in one of the 10 shorts included in the DVD extras.
  Cairns Post 13/8/2011
BOSKO 2011-08-28 12:25:40
Cairns Post
  3RRR, Melbourne
BOSKO 2011-03-21 10:49:38
During the Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2011 we were invited to play some live music on 3RR's Science Show "Einstein-a-go-go".

We talked about MUF with Dr. Shane and Dr. Krystal, and played "Boskonova" and "Rain in the Summertime".

Bosko was stoked because Dr. Shane said he had "a great radio voice"... on air!! :)

Read about it HERE

  4ZZZ Brisbane
BOSKO 2011-03-19 11:38:58
In the lead-up to the Melbourne Ukulele Festival Showcase Tour 2011, Bosko was interviewed by Ellie Freemanv of 4ZZZ and AMRAP...

Listen HERE

Once in Brisbane B&H were interviewed live on 4ZZZ again by Rick of the WORLD BEAT Show...

Photos HERE
  Koop Kooper's Cocktail Nation Interview
BOSKO 2010-04-20 17:48:48
  ABC Radio Far North
BOSKO 2010-04-17 12:19:40
B&H with Sam Davis at ABC Far North

Latest interview HERE


and HERE
  ABC HOBART - Afternoons with Michael Veitch
BOSKO 2010-04-17 12:11:33

Read about it HERE
  ABC Gold Coast Radio
BOSKO 2010-04-17 12:08:11

  Sunshine Coast Daily
BOSKO 2010-04-17 11:58:31
Sunshine Coast Daily
  The Cairns Weekend Post
BOSKO 2009-12-05 11:26:03
The Cairns Weekend Post 5/12/09
  Bosko & Honey's Join the Safari Video Contest Winner in the media
BOSKO 2009-11-06 10:55:33
Lots of news coverage in Belgium, home of Contest winner, Yannick Van Loo.

De Standaard Newspaper

vtm TV Nieuws

De Wereldster Radio

Studio Brussel


  YouTube Global Feature
BOSKO 2009-09-22 00:48:24
We were featured on YouTube in 2008, and they even wrote about us on the YouTube Blog
1#YouTube Global Feature
BOSKO 2009-09-08 10:46:50
B&H and The Uke Box were recorded for Roland Vonk's "Archief Rijnmond" show. Rotterdam, 2008.

Blog post is HERE.
BOSKO 2009-09-08 10:35:23
We were interviewed and played "Samidare" for Mr. Nakamaru's Ukulele Show in Japan, 2008.

Blog post is HERE.
*1#Radio - KAMAKURA FM
  Radio - KPFK FM
BOSKO 2009-09-08 10:31:01
One of the largest Public Broadcasters in Los Angeles. We were interviewed and played live for Ali Lexa's "Ukulele Spotlight", 2008.

Listen HERE

Our original blog post about it is HERE.
*1#Radio - KPFK FM
  A Wisconsin paper
BOSKO 2009-09-05 20:10:10
...we forgot which one! Green Bay WI, USA - 2008
2#A Wisconsin paper
  Weekender Magazine
BOSKO 2009-09-05 19:53:24
From the Cairns Weekend Post, 2009.
The article is here.
*1#Weekender Magazine
  Rolling Coconuts
BOSKO 2009-09-05 19:42:39
B&H have featured in Japan's number one ukulele magazine on several occasions.
1#Rolling Coconuts
BOSKO 2009-09-05 19:40:25
A Culture magazine in Helsinki, Finland - 2008
  Freitags Echo
BOSKO 2009-09-05 19:38:28
A Gross-Umstadt culture magazine - Germany, 2008
3#Freitags Echo
  Il Giornale Di Vicenza
BOSKO 2009-09-05 19:36:04
We were part of the coverage of the 2008 UKEit Festival in Viceza, Italy.
5#Il Giornale Di Vicenza
  Odenwälder Bote. Close-up here -> see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2009-09-05 18:54:51
The Groß-Umstadt Newspaper, Germany - 2008
2#Odenwälder Bote. Close-up here ->
  Time Out New York
BOSKO 2007-05-17 11:50:26
B&H get a paragraph in TIME OUT NEW YORK MAGAZINE in an interview with Uke Jackson on the NY UkeFst 2007...and also here in the NEW YORK PRESS.
6#Time Out New York
  The Gate magazine
BOSKO 2006-10-25 14:44:10
This is the Kuranda Spring Festival lift-out in the a local regional arts guide, 2006.
8#The Gate magazine
  The Sunday Courier-Mail
BOSKO 2006-10-24 14:08:23
We did a benefit in Cairns for the Australian Conservation Foundation at the opening of Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, 2007. The gentleman with the guitar is our mentor and Ukule Flambe member, John McMillan.
7#The Sunday Courier-Mail
  The Kuranda Paper
BOSKO 2006-10-23 15:45:46
From way back in 2006, an ad for the Kuranda Veranda Restaurant & Bar. We played there a LOT.
9#The Kuranda Paper