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BOSKO 2009-06-16 13:53:21
[EDIT: Unfortunately, Seeso is no longer able to join us as co-host of Safari Oz 2010. We are all very disappointed, but we're hoping there's still a way he can come. You can read more about it here]

We met Seeso in Chicago during the 2008 Safari, and recorded this:

"Nandito Ako", sung in Tagalog

Seeso is a fabulous performer and songwriter, and we know first hand he's a human juke-box! We told him he should hire himself out as a Party Facilitator!
He's very experienced, having mc'd many an open mic night in the Windy City.
He's also a professional actor... which always helps! ;)
His videos are extremely popular on YouTube and he currently has nearly 9,000 subscribers!

Seeso is a prominent member of the wonderful online ukulele community Ukulele Underground, and his support of and involvement with other ukers and songwriters from around the world is nothing short of staggering!

Here's my favourite Seeso original:

"Brown Woman"